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“The Adventures of Tiny Lord” is a regularly updated web-comic written and illustrated by Ben Stoddard, with advice from mentor Jerzy Drozd of http://mlatcomics.com/ . The story follows the life of Duan Tiny, peasant turned knight when he has no other way to make an income. He hopes to rescue the King's two missing children, but he is laughed off because of his size. Tiny realizes that if he ever wants to be a hero, he will have to become one by himself.

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Page Two
Page Two

Retiring TIny Lord

Hey guys,

I am putting The Adventures of Tiny Lord away. I am a new artist, and I am growing and changing at an incredibly rapid pace right now. I need to experiment and try new things with my illustration.

Tiny Lord is a comic which is very much based in my old artistic expression. The fact that I was a complete amateur when I started this comic is now hindering it. I want to keep it very unified, and I get very frustrated whenever I make it because of this. I also think I made a poor decision in doing Tiny Lord as a strip. People expect comic strips to be funny and I am not good at writing funny things.

I have decided that I am going to leave Tiny Lord and move forward. I may return to Tiny some day, but that will not likely happen for a while. However I am not at all leaving comics behind. You can expect to see new things coming out from me in the future, and hopefully soon. I am looking forward to making new things and breathing life into new characters. You should follow my blogs on tumblr http://stoddblog.tumblr.com/ and blogspot (aka blogger) http://bfoxillustration.blogspot.com/ to stay updated on new things coming from me.

Schedule Change

ANNOUNCEMENT: The update schedule for The Adventures of Tiny Lord is changing. Due to my change in schedule from my beginning college I will now be updating on Mondays and Thursdays.

Marie Antoinette and Bellatrix Lestrange

I drew a short sketch earlier tonight of Marie Antoinette, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Gnatalia of Gnatavia. Gnatalia was inspired in part by the two aforementioned women, so I put the three together. You can check out the drawing on my blog here http://tinylordcomic.tumblr.com/post/8673003217/gnatalia-the-duchess-of-gnatavia-is-a-character

No new comic June 14, 2011

Hello guys.
I don't have a new strip for you tonight. I got my wisdom teeth out today, and I just couldn't make a new strip. Don't worry though, the comic will be back on Saturday.


My comic has more than 2,000 views! Thanks so much you guys. I appreciate every one of you and every view you've given me.


Livestreaming over, but I will upload a speed up version of it to youtube later.

We are a Go

Hello World

Tiny Lord is now out! We are currently in the prologue, and then we will start Book One. The comic will be updated twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it. :D

-Ben Stoddard

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